Which plant set should I choose?

  • Our container set will fit easily into eight 15-litre containers. If you are planting into beds, this size fits comfortably into 17 sq ft.

  • Our raised bed set will fit comfortably into 28 sq. ft.

  • Our backyard set is ideal for yards that have around 60 sq ft of space.

The above measurement requirements are not hard and fast. Some gardeners fit more plants into a smaller space and others give their plants more room. A big part of gardening is about seeing what works for you and your space; even as farmers with more land than we work, we are continually trying to raise more plants on less space and use our land more efficiently. 

How do I know if my space is right for vegetables?

You need at least 8 hours of sunlight a day to grow vegetables well. If your space doesn't get enough sunlight or is shady, a local garden centre will help you determine what you can grow. If you need garden centre recommendations, give us a shout. 

I've never grown vegetables before - what else will I need to get started?

If you have soil (ie. if you are planting into the ground or raised beds and containers that are already filled), you will need supplemental nutrients. We are working to have those available to you, and we can also recommend places to visit to source organic options. If you aren't sure where to source soil, give us a shout!

Are sets customizable?

Sets are customizable by adding additional plants. We have a great assortment of add-on plants so you can grow more of your favourites. The best way to customize is to order the smallest set size and add extra plants, then you get the discount and a great starter package as well as the extra plants you want. Otherwise, you can build your own set!

Will plants be hardened off?

No, plants will not be hardened off. 

What sizes will the plants be?

All the plants will be different sizes, so we can't give you an exact answer here. However, they will be ready for planting into the ground, as long as conditions are favourable. 

Is there a deadline to order?

The deadline is mid-March when we begin seeding or when we sell out.