Our methods are informed by a commitment to treating this land we call home the best we can. We are certified organic by EcoCert Canada. For weed control we hoe, flameweed and mulch with straw or chippings. For soil health we use compost, organic fertilizers, green manures, permanent beds with minimal tillage and a ten-year crop rotation. Instead of getting bigger, we've shrunk from five acres to four since we started farming as we've implemented more intensive practices; we intend on staying small and to continually learn better ways to make use of our land and improve our soil. If you would like to learn more about the way we grow our food, please get in touch!


Established in 2015 and certified organic since 2017, Hearts & Roots is owned and operated by us, Justin Girard and Britt Embry. We thoughtfully and sustainably grow over 50 different fruits and vegetables on four acres. The farm is devoted to growing good food while properly stewarding our land. During the season, we hire two full-time employees who work alongside us seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and washing all of our produce. The farm prioritizes the people it employs, the folks it serves and the health of its land. We farm because we find it nourishing, purposeful, challenging, humbling and we can’t imagine doing anything else. To read some more about our beginnings, check out the following features: