Hearts & Roots is a CSA, market and wholesale farm.

We are devoted to growing good food while properly stewarding our land. We sell our produce directly to our community through our 60+ person CSA, one bustling downtown farmers’ market, and restaurants and stores in and around Winnipeg. During the season, we hire two full-time employees who work alongside us seeding, transplanting, weeding, harvesting and washing all of our produce.

The farm prioritizes the people it employs, the folks it serves and the health of its land. We farm because we find it nourishing, purposeful, challenging, humbling and we can’t imagine doing anything else. To read some more about our beginnings, check out the following features:

Agriculture must mediate between nature and the human community, with ties and obligations in both directions. To farm well requires an elaborate courtesy toward all creatures, animate and inanimate.
— Wendell Berry