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About our farm

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Located near Elie, MB on Treaty 1 territory, Hearts & Roots is a small-scale, certified organic vegetable, fruit and flower farm. 

Established in 2015 and certified organic since 2017, Hearts & Roots is a farm devoted to growing good food and being excellent stewards. We are passionate about growing produce that is eye-catching, delicious and hand-tended. Every variety of vegetable, herb, fruit and flower that we grow is one that we enjoy (we've always been sticklers about not growing stuff we don't like).  We grow over 50 varieties of fruits and vegetables and every year we trial new veg that may not be familiar to all our customers - one of our favourite parts of farming. To read some more about us, check out the following features:

Our story

Hearts & Roots is a dream; it's the wrong soil, but the right place; it's two people and countless friends and family; it's lots of work, but a nice life. 

Britt is a first-generation farmer, while Justin is a fourth-generation farmer farming the same land his parents and grandparents worked. The couple met in Winnipeg, and had always discussed moving back to Justin's family farm. The push came in 2012, when they had to decide between moving to B.C. so Justin could pursue a PhD or finally starting their farm. So, they packed up their city life and moved their city cats and city dog to the country. They trialled gardens in preparation for farming while they lived in a fifth-wheel and renovated their barn home over the next three years. In 2015, they started Hearts & Roots. The name stuck after Justin pulled a heart-shaped radish out of the ground the summer prior - it is the same radish that is depicted in the Hearts & Roots logo. 



Our practices

We are certified organic by EcoCert Canada. We grow more than 50 different fruits and vegetables on three acres without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. All of our seed is either organic or untreated and none of the species are GMO. For weed control we cultivate, hoe, flameweed or mulch with straw, biomulch or landscape fabric. For soil health we use compost, organic fertilizers, green manures, permanent beds with minimal tillage and a ten-year crop rotation. Instead of getting bigger, we've actually shrunk from five acres to three since we started farming as we've implemented more intensive practices. We intend on staying small and continually learn better ways to make use of our land and improve our soil.